Career at Genç Rondela

As one of the major companies of Turkey with its production technologies, GENÇ RONDELA meets the spare parts requirements of the larger companies in the automotive, construction, durable household goods, machinery and heavy industry fields.

Established by Dursun GENÇ in 1976 at Bayrampaşa, our company is carrying out its production operation in its factory located in Tuzla / Istanbul with an indoor area of 10.000 m2.

The company exports 95% of its production to USA and many European countries such as France, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland, led by Germany.

The production portfolio of GENÇ RONDELA, which is in the first ranks in the sector, is comprised of the special parts manufactured according to the technical drawings received from the customers in conformity with the international standards and washers as well as machined and pressed connection parts and welding parts.

Under the strict quality philosophy of our company, which carries out the production operations in conformity with the TS-ISO/16949 standard, lies zero error in the production, convenient pricing, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the leader in the special fastening parts production in Turkey and to carry our strong position in the international market even further.

With our experienced and experts personnel, we perceive all of your demands and meet your requirements.

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