Standart Products

Normalization, -in other words, standardization- is one of the most important elements in technology.

Although normalization began in ancient history, German norms which depend on that norms are very comprehensive and generally not including lucid and definite expressions have a special place all over the world, especially in Europe.

Products that we manufacture in scope of the norms designated by approximately 4.300 labour committees of German industry which has a respectful position all over the world and 34.000 honorary members who work freelance in these committee are as follows;

Machining Products


Genç Rondela possesses a machining line equipped with state-of-art technology for manufactured product groups. There are various models of CNC workbenches, C-axis CNC workbenches, multi-axis CNC workbenches and a special centreless CNC grinding machine in the machining department in the company. The department is capable of meeting customers’ needs flawlessly with the exclusive staff and powerful machinery.

Stamping Parts

Press Products

With our presses with various capacities from 10 tons to 325 tons available in the press department of our factory and years of experience and knowledge, we offer our customers the superiorities of press manufacturing.